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TiVo vs. ReplayTV

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OK, what's the difference? Has anyone seen anything about which is doing better? Are there any contigency plans in case the other folds? If they do go under, will the unit still function?? Any word on whether the service will be free of charge any time in the near future? I desperately want one or the other, but am reluctant.
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Such a hard choice. I have a TiVo, but only because the features matched what I wanted. I posted this in the other TiVo thread, but if you want info on the TiVo check out www.tivocommunity.com. On that site, there is also a Replay forum. My suggestion to you is do some research into the features of each. However, stay away from information given to you by the other. (ie: don't listen to what Replay has to say about TiVo) In the end, they are both outstanding products, which one you decide to go with should be a matter of what you are looking for.

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Here's another super comparison site: http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/elund/ptv.htm

Damn... which to buy?
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For what it's worth, I am definitely Tivo biased.

I recommend Tivo on the basis of it's easier to learn. As far as feature sets go, the only thing Replay has Tivo doesn't is the 30 second skip button, and while that's a feature everyone thinks is great, I never got it to work very well. Most commercials aren't 30 seconds long.

Also, the Tivo is hacker-friendly. It runs Linux, and some people are modifying the unit to add more space (I did). Reports of 130 hr units are starting to come in in the Underground forum at www.tivocommunity.com .

But, I'm biased. Compare the two. Best way to do this is to find some friends who have them and try it out yourself. Failing that, try in-store demos. And ignore the hype from both sides, make your own judgements.
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I'll join in on the Replay Side. I LOVE my system. I think you'll be happy no matter what whcih one you buy. The 30 sec. skip is great. I chose Replay over Tivo because I didn't want to deal with a subscription (I know you can pay a lifetime fee) and I didn't really care about the "thumbs up thumbs down" feature where it records things it thinks you may like.

I think the two are becoming more and more like each other. New features Tivo recently released are similar to Replay, and this fall Replay will be adding features that are similar to Tivo. Like I said, both are great machines

(FYI- Replay just announced a new 60 hour version will be out in a few weeks).

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Doesn't Tivo have a monthly fee? If it does, that should give Replay a big leg up. Also, based on what I've read, Tivo doesn't have the 30 second skip button deliberately. Something to do with commercial endorsement kickbacks possibly? I've also read where Tivo does not deny selling your personal information (viewing habits, etc.) to those entities willing to pay for it.

If all this is true, Tivo sucks. Second only to the whole Circuit City / DIVX fiasco. When I make the step, my money will go to Replay.
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A good site for info is http://www.iwantptv.com. I've heard the ReplayTV boxes have better encoding and can hold more content. Of course ReplayTV has no monthly fees which is a plus.
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You guys are forgetting a HUGE advantage of Tivo: it's been hacked. Let's see a 110 hour ReplayTV!

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