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GroundZero 09-09-00 10:15 PM

A friend needs recommendations, normally I'ld do the home work but the last player I bought was the Panasonic A320 (which I love) but I'm out of the loop (that was a year ago). 3 best players and where to get them. Thank You in advance.
P.S. No Bashers: Sony, etc.

marcjd 09-09-00 10:34 PM

I have the Toshiba SD-2200 and it works very well. It has lots of connections in the back and the quality is very good. However, there is little you can do without the remote...including playing many of the DVD's that require you to select "ok" instead of "play". That would be my only gripe though...well, except for the fact that it won't play my CD-Rs. It can be had for under $250 at most places (I got mine at ECost). It is a dual tray also. They do have similar models that are cheaper too.

I believe I ran into a Pioneer the other day that was $350. It is a progressive scan player, which will be very good to have for the future when such features can be taken advantage of more easily. Also, I have read that the Pioneers do not have a problem with CD-Rs.

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djones6746 09-09-00 10:44 PM

I would go with the pioneer if it is indeed progressive scan.....

BEC 09-11-00 09:58 PM

Pioneer 434 is progressive scan, but not a very good progressive scan. It's received lukewarm reviews from other forums (Hometheaterforum, hometheatertalk,etc) and eTown.

Sometimes you can find refurb toshiba 5109 progressive players for less than $350. That's a great player.

Pioneer 626 is quite a good player, although the panny 320 is still a little better. Sony's 560 is similar comapny.

Onkyo's carosel [sic] player worth a look.

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