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Finally got my Toshiba CZ32V51 and love it. Does anyone know...

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Finally got my Toshiba CZ32V51 and love it. Does anyone know...

Old 09-07-00, 11:12 PM
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how to access the maintenance menu so I can adjust for anamorphic dvds?

I'd really appreciate any help you can give me!

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Old 09-08-00, 02:00 PM
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(Please read through this long-winded procedure so you have an idea of what you are trying to accomplish in each steps. I've tried doing it step-by-step, but calibrating a TV is a bit of art and procedure, so you gotta go with the flow sometimes)

For reference material, give these webpages a try (open up both in different browser windows and read through the pertinent stuff)

(This page deals with adjusting TV in general, but has specific details for the Toshiba).

(This page deals with the Toshiba TP61H95 - which has way more parameters than a smaller sized TV, but many of the parameters listed will be the same as on your set. At
least it'll define the abbreviations.) You may still want to get a service manual.

It's a good idea to put all the TV's color controls to the middle (on the middle square, there's about 7-8 clicks, so make sure you're 4 clicks into the middle square to be right in the middle for Contrast, Brightness, Color, Tint, (maybe Sharpness too). This will make sure your neutral point is what you want your color/contrast/brightness to be calibrated to is consistently in the middle and from there you can deviate as you like, and get back to the middle when you are done.

I also recommend piping in a DVD movie into either the s-video or component inputs just for having a good source to use for fleshtones. Also: you can use a Video
Essential or Avia DVD (I like Avia).

Oh, before doing any squeezing, pop in a 1.85:1 aspect ratio, 16x9 enhanced DVD

The instructions below (for service mode) are detailed in the 2nd URL listed above:

1) Press mute on the remote control one time.

2) press the mute button again on the remote and hold it.

3) While doing step 2 press the menu button on the TV. (An "S" should appear in the upper right corner.)

4) Press menu on the TV again.

5) You should a menu appear on the upper left corner. It's just 2 lines, one for the parameter, one for the parameter's value in HEX.

Use the channel button on the remote to change the parameter line items.

Use the volume button on the remote to change the values.

WRITE DOWN THE ORIGINAL VALUES!!!!! <== I can't stress this enough!!!

There's 32 different settings in the CZ27V51 Service Mode.

But before you even start the squeezing, it's probably better if you start getting rid of the overscan from the factory. Usually the overscan is anywhere from 10% or lower. What you want to do is reduce it to about 5% (that way you still most of the video information what not displaying any annoying slightly
misaligned reds and blues) Use HIT (Height adjustment) and WID (Width adjustment) to shrink the picture so that it covers the viewable screen, then increase the HIT and WID by 1 or 2 depending on how it looks. You'll be amazed at how much you weren't able to see on the sides before. You should also use VPOS (vertical position to slide the picture up and down) and HPOS (horizontal
position to slide the picture side to side) or vice-versa.

(I was using CABLE TV channels as the video source when adjusting my overscan) Now that you have gotten rid of most of your overscan, make down the news values for HIT, WID, VPOS, HPOS on the piece of paper or in your Palm Pilot.

(Supposedly CNR and/or DPC may help in smoothing out any bowing you see on the bottom of the screen's picture. I haven't tested this out, so I don't know for sure).

To save these settings so far, you should just turn the power off and wait a little bit (I wait until the sparkly noises fade away) and then turn on the TV again. You should see less overscan now if the new values have been retained.

Next, pop in a DVD that's got a 1.85:1 aspect ratio and is 16x9 enhanced. Play this DVD using the normal downconversion setting (4:3 mode) through either S-Video or Component inputs. When the letterboxed video is
playing on the screen, somehow mark the top and bottom of the letterbox in relation to the screen (use a big piece of paper, tape ruler, liquid white-out, or small piece of paper and measure off from the top and bottom of the screen - whatever that works .)

This will guide you when you start squeezing the tallness (HIT) setting and give you the same aspect ratio when you play the DVD in the 16x9 mode. You should also play a 2.35:1 aspect ratio'd 16x9 enhanced DVD and make sure you mark where the top and bottom of
the letterbox occurs so you can compare when you have squeeze the picture and are playing the 2.35:1 DVD to see if you are seeing the same sized letterbox.

For the squeeze trick, enter the service mode as describe above. (While in the service mode, you can use the TV/VIDEO buttom on the remote control to change between cable TV and composite/s-video/component video inputs to toggle between video input sources). I found that I only really had to use: HIT to change the tallness of the screen. Play the 1.85:1 DVD movie in the 16x9 mode, and from the beginning, the picture will look stretch (since it's now showing the 4th line of detail) by 33%. Your job is to use the HIT parameter and lower it until the picture is squeezed to the previously marked top and
bottoms of the letterbox for the 1.85:1 DVD movie. Once you squeeze the picture enough, make a note of what the HIT value is now and use that when you want to do the squeeze later on.

Congrats! You have successfully squeeze your anamorphic 16x9 enhanced DVD picture on your TV set and are getting 90%-95% of the quality that is displayed on a real 16x9 TV. Hey, it's either this or shell out quite
a few smackers, eh?

You should then pop in the 2.35:1 DVD movie and check if the top and bottom of the shorter letterbox matches the same point or height of the down-converted 2.35:1
letterbox when it was downconverted in the non-16x9 mode.

That's it for the squeeze. The next thing is the colors and brightness. I recommended using either Video Essentials or Avia Guide to Home Theater DVDs to set up the rest of the TV's contrast, colors, hue, brightness, etc.

I've got the Avia Home Theater DVD on order and plan to use it to get most of the settings to my liking, but I was experimenting and here what I uncovered:

To get the color to my liking, I found that RCUT, GCUT, RCUT, and the Brightness variables (BRTx)helped. This also helps in getting the squeezed picture's blacks to
match the top and bottom black bars if you are watching DVDs with a 2.35:1 aspect ratio (who still have a slightly smaller black bar on top and bottom). You shouldn't have a problem matching the blacks with the black bars since there shouldn't be any black bars to match with the top and bottom on DVDs with the 1.85:1 aspect ratio.

I found the there was too much green/blue hues as the neutral color, so I did some tweaking with the RCUT, GCUT, and RCUT to get what I wanted) I'm sure there are plenty of parameters to fiddle with, but at least this will get you started.


It pays to order the service manual. If you find out where, let me know (or send me a copy) The 2nd URL I listed above has a list that encompasses many of the parameters in the service menu and describes what many of the abbreviations means.

Once you finished with the changes, you have to turn the power off to save the values and then just turn the power on to see if the values were saved (quite evident if you were squeezing or unsqueezing the picture size.)

Yes, you have to go though the service menu to squeeze or un-squeeze the picture everytime, else go buy a new Sony 32/36XBR250/400 for $1600-$2100. Heh.

Good luck, and I hope you don't do any harm to your TV.

I assume no responsibility if you muck up your TV!


From the advice given here and elsewhere, it's probably best to only squeeze 16x9 DVDs and then reset the TV to its 4:3 mode for everything else to avoid screen burn-in toward the middle of the screen (where all
the color guns are pointed)

Let us know if you were successful or not.

PatCave ;HT Pix ;Pat's DVDs
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Old 09-09-00, 11:59 AM
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THANK YOU! I have been looking around everywhere and couldn't find anything. YOU DA MAN, PATMAN!

All I can say is WOW! WOW! Everything is so clear and crisp! I'm using three cheapo composite video cables hooked into the component video until I recieve my Monster Cables from Amazon.com. I can only imagine what I can expect with quality cables. Anyone who is thinking about getting a tv capable of 16x9 tweaking will have no regrets! I guarentee it(heh, how much of an actual guarentee can you expect from a college student?)!

I have always had one peeve with dvds and its was the nasty downconversion. It has always bugged me to death. I always use one movie to test dvd players for downconversion quality, the intro scene to Star Trek Insurrection. It was an "OK" movie, but you couldn't get a better tool for testing downconversion if your tried to make one. The opeing scene shows children playing in a big bundle of hay and there are artifacts all over the place. Also there is a scene where the camera is panning across dozens of roofs and artifacts are all over.

This TV has completely fixed any problems I ever had with my HT. Well worth the price.

I don't know if I am lucky or what, but I only had to adjust two of my settings under the service menu. The HIT and WID. I am going to mess with the colors as soon as I get my copy of Avia.

Now I'm off to watch my whole dvd collection all over again!

Thanks dude!

btw: I know this might be hard to believe, but I actually like the picture better on my tv better than my brother 32" Wega. He has avia and had everything configured correctly and it looked great, but it always had a.....sort of crisp blocky feel to it. The picture of this looks perfect except for the very slight grey linewhere the HIT setting exposed. I'm not complaining though!
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Old 09-09-00, 12:46 PM
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What a great post Patman, fully entertaining!
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Y'all are all welcomed!

PatCave ;HT Pix ;Pat's DVDs
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