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DonkeyKong 01-09-11 10:38 AM

Keep active 3D display or wait for passive?
I love movies -- that's all I really use my TVs for. I also really like the 3D effect from movies at the theater.

Here's my situation and reasoning -- I thought it would be a good idea to get some input:

- 1st of all, I do not have the best vision, but it's good enough where I don't have to wear glasses for movie viewing. I sit about 7-8 feet away from the TV, so 720/1080 different probably would not make much difference to me. If it looks good, that's all I need. I don't need the very best detail.

I recently purchased the Samsung 50" 720p 3D PN50C490 plasma TV (my first ever plasma) -- with very few image tweaks, I was shocked to see the difference upclose between that TV and my 52" LG LCD from a couple years ago (model 52LG60).

The TV was relatively inexpensive with a nice bundle, and I wanted to jump on the 3D bandwagon.

With all the talk lately from CES, it appears that Passive 3D technology will be the way to go. It's easy because the glasses could also be the same ones you use in the theater. - I jumped into 3D because the TV was fairly cheap - $850 plus 2 glasses, game, $50 in free movies.

- I will mainly just use the TV for 3D viewing as I already have a 52" LG LCD setup in a different room.

- With limited 3D content, I probably wouldn't even use the TV that much -- I'd be lucky to use it once/week, if that. (I just wanted the capability)

- The active glasses do give me a little headache, but it doesn't bother me that much. Once the glasses are off, it starts to wear off. My eyes are more sensitive to certain things -- I get dizzy playing first person shooters.

- I'm very careful with all of my things, so I'm sure that the glasses would last a long time -- battery operated. I 'could' maybe purchase universal active/passive glasses in the future for backwards and forward compatibility.

- To me, the 3D effect is pretty cool - given my schedule, I would only watch at night anyway. Even though active glasses might make the screen darker, it's not 'that' bad.

- Won't active glasses come down in price eventually? You would think.

I don't know if I should return the TV and wait for passive? I really enjoy the 3D effect and would like to have it now. I already have a couple of 3D movies to use it with and will likely purchase more in the future.

Another thing is that we don't yet know how much good passive 3D TVs will be? I thought the deal I got was pretty reasonable and don't feel bad about it. I was one of those who adopted HD DVD early and spent $400 on a player!

Thanks for your input and sorry for the lengthy message!

Sdallnct 01-09-11 11:44 AM

Re: Keep active 3D display or wait for passive?
I'm not into 3D but to me it is no different than any other new cool "blue light" that comes out on home theater. Obviously no one can tell you what to do. But these are the things I think about before upgrading:

-You can wait forever. There is always something better and cheaper coming. But while waiting, you don't get to enjoy. So that should be factored in.
-Is it something I really want? Will I regularly be able to take advantage of it?
-Since I don't have unlimited funds, is there another upgrade that would actually give me a more enjoyable viewing experience than what I'm looking at? For example, would better speakers or a better subwoofer actually have a bigger impact than going lossless audio?
-Do I want others to enjoy with me?

Doesn't the Samsung Plasma have a great image in 2D? Will the 3D movies be the same on the current active system as the passive (I thought I read where Avatar only worked with Panasonic or something. Or maybe only available with a Panasonic purchase????). Do you have someplace you can move the Samsung if you decide to go with the new passive system in a couple years? A bedroom/bar/den?

Assuming the movies and source (BD player) are the same, I'd enjoy now than you could upgrade to passive and use this very good TV in another room.

DonkeyKong 01-10-11 08:09 PM

Re: Keep active 3D display or wait for passive?
I guess another thing that I'm considering -- I've only had the TV for 2 weeks, so I could definitely return it. Again, I would really only use the Plasma set for 1.85:1 blu-rays and 3D movies. I would only watch at night and maybe a couple times a week, if that (given the time).

I just want 3D because I really enjoy the technology in movies. The Samsung 720p 50" 3D Plasma set does look good in 3D and makes regular 2D movies look great. Again, the only drawback is the slight headache I get (but it does go away afterwards).

Another thing is -- with the new sets introduced at CES, I'm worried what the prices will be. For a 50" 720p 3D set with 2 glasses, movies, and a game, it was $850+tax. If the new polarized sets are significantly more money, then I probably will keep the active shutter. 2 pairs of glasses are good enough for right now, so I would not purchase any more.

If passive sets were pretty cheap or comparable in price, then I would definitely consider returning and waiting for passive.

What really got me on the 3D bandwagon -- seeing Tron in 3D and also my first 3D blu-ray - Despicable Me - which I got at a bargain price.

davidlynchfan 01-11-11 08:51 PM

Re: Keep active 3D display or wait for passive?
I just got my 60" Mitsu 3D DLP for a bargain from Black friday and am loving it. While 3D is cool and all, I can't imagine watching them everytime. maybe 1-2 times a week would be tops and I don't suffer from headaches either. I currently own: Alice in wonderland, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, A Christmas Carol, Coraline and Monster House.
What i really loved about my Mitsu Dlp was that it was PAL compatible and it was my first time being able to play my region 2 discs on my Region-free HD-A2 HD DVD player (I had already owned a region free oppo player that does the pal conversion) but this was still cool, so no returns on my 3D set here.

Brent L 05-24-11 09:22 PM

Re: Keep active 3D display or wait for passive?
I am getting married in October, and my cousin gave me and my fiance a 50'' Panasonic P50ST30 3D HDTV as our wedding gift. I've got to say that I am all in on the 3D movement with this. I think the active 3D technology looks and feels better than what you see in the theater and the passive TVs, and it looks amazing.

I went in Best Buy today to try a passive set for myself, and it just looks and feels wrong. It doesn't look nearly as crisp to me, almost like it's not HD, and it gets to me after a while. I'm not sure how to explain it, but for the passive set I feel like my eyes have to try too hard to make it work, but for the active set that I have here at home I feel like I could just sit and watch it for a long time and not get that same feeling.

Just my quick thoughts on this whole 3D thing after my limited experience. I really hope it catches on in the home though, and prices for the movies start to drop. I love it.

Joe Schmoe 06-23-11 07:18 PM

Re: Keep active 3D display or wait for passive?
I could swear I read somewhere that passive 3D TV's cut the resolution in half, whereas active 3D Plasma and LED TV's can display full 1080p to each eye. I have a Mits 3D DLP TV, and I think those kinds of TV's also cut the resolution in half even though they use active glasses. I can definitely see a drop in overall sharpness when watching a BD and switching from 2D to 3D... but I digress.

slcpunk 06-23-11 10:42 PM

Re: Keep active 3D display or wait for passive?
I am in the same boat but well probably go with Active. My only issue is should I do Plasma (worry about burn out from gaming etc) or should I spend a few hundred more and go LED or LCD

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