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DodiN 09-08-00 03:11 AM

I'm going to buy a 65"-ish HDTV ready 16:9 RP television in the next month or so.

I haven't been able to compare side by side so was wondering if anyone had input on the Pioneer Elites (which I've been told over and over are the best) and the new Mitsubishis. Is an extra $2200 worth it?

Help me on this...any input would be great.


Rupin 09-08-00 03:30 AM

Man, I wish I were in your shoes!!! I have to wait another year or so before I can purchase such an item.... http://talk.dvdtalk.com/ubb/frown.gif

ANyways, audioreview.com has reviews for all types of HDTV's...including the Pinoeer Elites and Mits....ave fun and good luck!!!

JimRochester 09-08-00 12:32 PM

www.hometheaterspot.com has great info on Mits. I think I am going with the new Mits because it doesn't lock into full mode with a progressive signal like the Pioneer does.

Widescreen Presentation
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DodiN 09-08-00 02:04 PM

What exactly does that mean?

vlad 09-08-00 02:43 PM

Does the Mit have the DLP chip from TI? I am sure the the pioneer does not.

Have you guys been to a "digital" theater? Those are using the DLP chip from TI, awsome stuff.

uhh, Clem? 09-09-00 06:24 AM

I've been hearing and reading complaints from people about the new Mits models because Mits removed a huge amount of service menu settings. So it's harder to tweak and get ISF calibrated.

Also, the Mits line doubler still does not come up to the Elite's quality. I was waiting to find out about that before making my final decision.

Depending on what your input is, the line doubler may or may not matter. Progressive DVD and HD input will not use the doubler which could make the Mits more acceptable.

With progressive input the Elite locks into the "full" screen mode. This results in height distortion in non-anamorphic DVD's. However the solution here is to play non-anamorphic DVD's in non-progressive mode and let the excellent line doubler do its job.

My disclaimer: I have an Elite and love it. I do not have a progressive player and don't think I'm missing much from what I've read about the slight progressive improvement over using the line doubler. Movies look incredibly film-like and all I've done is Avia/VE adjusting.

I also watch cable and satellite TV and the Elite excels at stretching the 4:3 picture to 16:9 with minimal distortion. And a decent cable signal is very good looking on the Elite -- better than on a Mits from what I saw and have read.

I'm cheap. But I figured the better picture, solid construction, and 2 year warranty was worth the extra cost.

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