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jumbojp 09-08-00 01:32 AM

I need to know ASAP. Also if you can give a link to where you found the info. Thank You

tdamico 09-08-00 10:50 AM

They have been discontinued for some time now. So any that are being sold are close-outs. Consequently, the prices changed quite a bit as they were being phased out. You could check ebay to see if someone has some in a box for sale or on Ubid.com. They will list the old list prices of close out stuff.

AUDIO FREAK 09-08-00 02:37 PM

The list price for the Infinity RS-5's are $399.99 each. I got mine several months ago from BestPriceAudioVideo.com for $199 each. They have been discontinued for a little while in light of the new Interlude Series. Most sites that are selling them now are on closeout. Ebay and Ubid sometimes have good deals on these.


jumbojp 09-08-00 04:45 PM

Thanks I found a pair for $133 shipped and wanted to verify the MSRP. Thanks for the help.

Wolfchild 09-09-00 12:36 AM

Dude! Is there another pair that can be purchased at that price? That's a hell of a price for RS5s. I'm looking for a pair....if you can give me any pointers please send me an email.

EDIT: I just purchased a pair from Amazon's bargain section.....that was a good deal you got though.

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