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GMoney 09-04-00 11:15 AM

Need cable to connect DTS. Circuit City wants $40 for 1m and $50 for 2m. Help, I'm cheap!;confused;

Cardiff Giant11 09-04-00 12:57 PM

Just buy a 75 ohm Composite video cable from a place like radio shack for around ten bucks. It's the same thing, it'll pass the same information as that 50 dollar monster cable. I've been using it with my DD setup and it works just fine.

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djones6746 09-04-00 01:06 PM

I agree...buy a good composite video cable.... http://talk.dvdtalk.com/ubb/smile.gif

Hey dfbennett...is it just me or do you get better sound...bass by using the coax over the optical connection??

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donnnster 09-04-00 01:47 PM

my question to you is: are you passing the signal to your tv or to a receiver. If to a receiver that supports DTS you should go with a digitial coaxial cable or optical. I chose digital coaxial because optical isnt as flexible and is prone to breakage. If you are passing signal to the TV normal audio RCA cable will work. If you are talking about video, that is another story.

donnnster 09-04-00 01:52 PM

and to answer the question, I have yet to find a place for really cheap monster digital coaxial cables. I ended up paying i think 48 shipping and tax from soundpros.com(digital coax 2 m). They have good service and are really helpful if you have questions.

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electronix_kid 09-04-00 02:14 PM

okay, get this straight:

a "Digital" Coax cable is exactly the same as a composite VIDEO cable, except branded DIGITAL and sold at a much higher price... Dont fool yourself, get a Video cable... I use one, works fine...

DONNNSTER: Like i said above, if you use a coax for a digital connection, oyu can just use a regular composite video cable and get the exact same result from a "DIGITAL" coax cable.

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donnnster 09-04-00 04:09 PM

I stand corrected....i cant believe i listened to them! oh well thanx for the new info.

ZenDog 09-04-00 09:13 PM

Just get the 75ohm cable at RAdio Shack which costs less the $10. Any other cable is just a waste of money to use for a digital coaxial cable.

GMoney 09-05-00 12:09 PM

Thanks! By the way, I need this cable to go from my dvd player to my dts receiver. Do you still recommend the 75 ohm cable?

ZenDog 09-05-00 01:32 PM

Yes, use the 75ohm cable with gold ends from radio shack

mg0203 09-05-00 02:58 PM

How can an analog cable pass digital signal, which is required for DTS decoding?

buzzdalf 09-05-00 03:10 PM

The cable is simply transmitting the digital 1's and 0's from one device to another.
I believe it is incorrect ot say an "analog" device is being used to transmit a "digital" signal.
I'm sure you have lots of devices that use copper conductors to transmit digital information. Your PC is a great example.

DNMonty 09-07-00 07:39 PM

I got mine from www.onecall.com for around $18 I think. I got a Audioquest 75 ohm Digital Coax cable. Works great. Probably didn't need that much but it was originally $28 and the guy cut the price for me since I was buying it with my receiver.

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AUDIO FREAK 09-08-00 05:30 PM

A great place to buy all of your audio/video interconnects and speaker wires is at http://www.accessories4less.com. This site constantly has specials on optical toslink digital cables as well as digital coaxial cable. But unless you have a $100K Mark Levinson system, you probably won't hear the difference between a digital cable and an analog cable. However, this place sells high quality interconnects for great prices.

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