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romik 09-05-00 02:42 PM

Has anyone bought this new
Panasonic PT-56WXF95 set? What is the best price and is it really top of the line among all the HDTV Projection 16:9 televisoins?

DVD-Desi 09-05-00 03:51 PM

I bought this new last November and I love it. I really can't say I have any complaints. As far as it being the best one out there, you will hear many opinions on the best, I can only say it is one of the only ones that supports 720p and the picture is beautiful. You can probably get it for just over 3 grand now. A pretty good deal I think.

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Sonic 09-05-00 07:00 PM

I seen this set at J&R Computer World for $2,999.

Also against the Philips HDTV and others...this Panasonic blew it out in terms of image.

Also the set looks beautiful.

romik 09-05-00 07:22 PM

what is the advantage to support 720? most of them support 1080 and seems it good enough? why would they do that?

broadwayblue 09-05-00 09:17 PM

Many people believe that 720P (with it's progressive format) looks better than 1080i even though it has fewer lines of resolution. Because it updates the entire image every 1/60th of a second instead of every 1/30th of a second (1080i) there are fewer visible motion artifacts and shimmer in the image. ABC and one of the other major networks has embraced the 720p format. In a few years when more sophisticated compression algorithims are available we will be able to have the best of both worlds via a 1080P format...unfortunately we will all have to buy new HDTV sets that can accommodate this higher resolution signal.

romik 09-06-00 04:26 AM

Why only Panasonic made it? How come Toshiba and Sony do not follow?

romik 09-08-00 02:10 PM

Just found the best price on this unit at www.advancedvideosystems.com
$2,849 + s&h

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