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ESUguy 09-07-00 11:48 AM

Okay, I still live in the past with my pro logic receiver. I have the JCV 511 dvd player, which shows the audio as either playing as 2 channel or 5.1. I've never bothered changing it, because I figured it did not matter since it was playing standard pro logic. Am I correct, or am I missing something using one over the other?


DNMonty 09-07-00 07:30 PM

If you are playing back through a Prologic receiver, there can still be a slight difference. When you playback a DD5.1 track using the analog outputs, it downmixes it on-the-fly to 2 channels which your receiver decodes to prologic. When a DVD has a pre-downmixed PL track, it's already been downmixed to 2 channels on likely a much more expensive and dare I say better quality set of electronics to accomplish this. Will you notice a difference? Probably not. Kinda just different in theory. Clear as mud now?
BTW, if you are looking to upgrade to DD, look into one that supports DTS too. My Onkyo I got for $379 supports both DD & DTS and it rocks!

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Andy Kim 09-08-00 12:06 AM

Just an add on question/thought because I have thought of this also.

If by choosing Dolby Digital 2.0, won't this only be heard then as Dolby Digital 2.0 through a digital connection?
Thus, regardless of it being 5.1 or 2.0, because they are both "Dolby Digital" requiring a digital decoder and connection, won't the same analog signal be outputted thru the stereo RCA outputs?

The player would have to still downmix on the fly from digital to analog.
I'm not sure about this so I was hoping for someone to correct me on these points.

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