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Idisappear 09-04-00 06:04 PM

I've been living with pc speakers for too long until last week when my PSB Image set and HSU VTF2 sw arrived. With my Yamaha RXV995 should I output LFE to subwoofer only or both for the best HT result? My untrained ears still can't decide. Thanks in advance....


jpcamb 09-05-00 11:34 AM

I'm not sure if you are asking about sending the LFE to both speakers and a sub or a pair of subs. I would think your best bet with the LFE channel is to send it only to your powered sub. The LFE sound is generally too powerful for anything but **maybe towers** and a powered sub. (FWIW I doubt you would do anthing but eventually add damage to towers with LFE signal) I would only run it to a powered sub.

stevevt 09-05-00 01:09 PM

Most receivers will not send the LFE to both main speakers and a subwoofer.

Are you sure that yours does?

If you have a sub, the LFE should go there, and only there.


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