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Parsec 09-03-00 05:15 PM

Hey fellas, I'm posting this to get some opinions on whether to get a DVD-ROM or not. I'm in college and I just started my DVD collection less than a month ago, but I still don't have a DVD player (sounds silly, doesn't it?). The dorms here are kind of small, so I was wondering if I should get a top-of-the-line DVD-ROM for only $130 or if I should get a decent DVD Player for $200. I have a TV in the room, but no surround sound or anything. To tell you the truth, my computer speakers are better than the speakers on the 19" TV. So, my question is, what do u guys think I should get? a decent $200 DVD player for a 19" TV, or go with a better $130 DVD-ROM for my computer w/a 17" monitor with better sound? Thanks in advance.
PS - I'm a college student on a budget, so I can't get a $600 home theatre system! http://talk.dvdtalk.com/ubb/smile.gif

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Idisappear 09-03-00 06:15 PM

I'm exactly in your situation, only worse (I have to coop and study every other 3 months!) and therefore the only sensible thng is to get a dvd rom and a decoder card (since my pc is kinda slow). and it works great! couple that with a serial port remote control (available separately for Hollywood plus decoder card), it should perform on par or maybe better than a dvd player. Another reason is that with dvd rom and decoder card you get progressive scan (sharper image) meant for pc monitors due to its higher resolution. and this is definitely better if you plan to use a projector later on. have fun...

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