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Wyvern 09-02-00 10:25 PM

I'm planning on buying a new VCR, but can't justify spending a lot of cash since I'm still in school. I would, however, like to get the best VCR possible, and one that will last me for a while. I found a model that appears to be a good deal. Mercata is offering the JCV HRVP58 VCR and it appears to have some decent features such as support for playing SVHS tapes. Is this a decent machine or would I be better off going with the Panasonic PVV4620 or PVV4520, both of which don't support SVHS tapes? I'd like to stay in the $150 and below range. Thanks in advance!

djones6746 09-02-00 10:41 PM

You can get a good Toshiba or Panasonic on sale for no more than $120 to $130 usually at Best Buy or somewhere like a Best Buy!!! Go out tomorrow and bargain hunt!!!

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