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faselt 08-31-00 10:39 PM


I recently purchased the denon avr3300 receiver and i am trying to set everything up with my existing home theater but i can't seem to get the on screen menu which shows all of the set up functions to appear on my tv.

i have a normal RCA cable running from the monitor out on the receiver to the video 1 in on my toshiba TV but no matter what i do i cant seem to get any signal to show up on my tv.

i know a lot of you probably have this unit so i was hoping maybe you could tell me what i might be doing wrong. thanks in advance for any info you could give me.


audrey 09-01-00 02:42 PM

No doubt you've already checked these, but just in case:

1) do you have the receiver set to the same video source as the tv connection (e.g. dvd, video 1, etc. The receiver input must be set to the proper video source to see the onscreen display.

2) do you have the on-screen display turned on? You can change this from the remote.

3) are you selecting the input on the tv to which you have connected the video out from the receiver?

4) are you sure you have the video cable connected to the receiver's video OUT (not input)?

faselt 09-01-00 06:25 PM

Thanks for your reply. 2 through 4 i have checked and know about but number one i am a little confused with. could you be more specific in what you mean? thanks.

audrey 09-01-00 08:08 PM

On the Denon, like most AV receivers, there are multiple video inputs . These are labeled on the back as (Video In/Out for VDP, DVD, etc.) To see a video source, you must select the corrosponding video output. For example if you have the video from your DVD connected to the DVD video input, you need to select the DVD input from either the remote (DVD button) or from the input selector knob on the receiver.

Sounds confusing, but is simple. Check your manual if the above doesn't make sense.

faselt 09-01-00 11:53 PM

OK. i understand what you mean but i dont see how that is relevant. I am thinking maybe there is a problem with my monitor output jack. i think this because, lets say i have video and audio input coming from the VCR into the receiver. I put the receiver on vcr1 and i hear the sound coming out of the speakers. but the video which should be transmitted to the TV via the monitor out cable i dont see. i have it on video1 which is the where i am inputting it to the tv. do you think it could be broken?

audrey 09-02-00 05:48 PM

The reason the input/output selection MIGHT be important is because the Denon allows you to watch a video source but listen to sound from another input (e.g. CD or VCR). So if the selector is not set to the right input you might get sound but no image. Press the VIDEO SELECT button until the correct source is selected.

Another item to check, is which video monitor out you are using. On the 5700 the on-screen display is not available from Monitor Out 2.

Of course its always possible your unit is defective or that you have a bad cable. If swaping the video cable doesn't help, you could take the receiver to a B&M store and see if it works.

Hope you get this fixed; its frustrating when stuff doesn't work out of the box.

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