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kevin75 09-01-00 02:02 AM

everyso often, while watching a movie, i will notice a oval-ish yellow dot in the upper right hand corner of the screen. does anyone know what this is? it is not all the time but is especially annoying when there is anything light or white in the background. is it just a case of that i need to clean my lens? thanks for the help.

Master J 09-01-00 04:11 AM

I am not certain, but does this dot occur on older or cheaper DVDs. If so, it sounds exactly like the reel change marker placed in theatrical prints to signal a reel change for the projectioninst. This could be common on films that are not restored or not using new digital transfers. I have a couple 525s and have not noticed anything myself. If that is not the answer to your problem post back some more info on films, etc.


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kevin75 09-01-00 08:48 PM

it's not a problem on any particular movies. i first noticed it on 'the matrix' duing the ammo scene near the end. however, i also noticed it yesterday when i was watching braveheart so it happens to all discs.

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