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Brew 08-30-00 03:15 PM

Hello all,
I am coming to the DVD party a little late perhaps and perhaps a little reluctant, after spending mucho $$ on LD players and media, I was a little reluctant to make the DVD jump.

Nevertheless, I am ready to now make the move. I am looking for a decent player but not necessarily a top-of-the-line player, just yet. Most importantly, I am looking for a good match to my current AV Theater set-up. I am not moving to HDTV for about 3-4 years. So I do not have a 16:9 television.

What I currently have is a Toshiba CN36Z71 TV. The CN36Z71 has Component Video inputs. With a [url=http://www.pioneerelectronics.com/home/vsx-d908s.htmPioneer VSX-908TXAV[/url] amp, the VSX-908TX does not have Component Video inputs, only S-VHS, so I will likely bypass the amp for the video output of any DVD player and go directly to the TV. And naturally the prerequisite surround sound speakers etc. I do not own a single DVD at this point and anticipate buying only maybe a couple DVD's a month.

I am considering the JVC XV-523GD DVD Player, I can pick one up for less than $200...delivered, seems like a great price .

My questions are??


<LI>Does anyone have any experience with this player?

<LI>Is this DVD Player a good match for my system?

<LI>Are there any critical features missing from this player that I would regret not having?

<LI>Does the CD-R/CD-RW capability allow me to burn MP3 on a CD and play them on this player? If not, what good is this feature?

<LI>It doesn't mention AC-3 format, however, my AV Amp doesn't support AC-3 either so... no matter. Correct?

<LI>Any recommendations for a better player in this price range?

Thanks in advance to all...


Windowace 08-31-00 01:55 AM

Check Audioreview.com on your dvd player. Look at the Pio. 333 it plays CD-R/CD-RW. It does not have a decoder but it sounds like you are not looking for one. Also look at the Sony 360. I own a jvc dvd player have not had any troubles with that one. However A lot of others have. Hope this helps.

pongbat 08-31-00 05:43 AM

Don't tell me the color of that JVC matches the rest of your components?! But hey, if you're looking for a bargain that's selling for well under $200 all over the place. Reason? um... color?

Orlando 09-01-00 06:30 PM

I say stay away from JVC. I had one that died just before it was a year old. And it seems alot of them are having problems. They don't want to fix them. And if they do agree to fix them it is for about the same price as a new one. And then sometimes they still don't get it right.
I have been contacted by an lawyer already that is in the process of bringing a class action suit against them.

I have since purchased a Sony and have 3 other Sony's in the immediate family and everyone loves them without any trouble.

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