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I just received my PSB Image 5t's. Now I'm in this puzzle of connecting it right to my Yamaha RXV995. Do I (for the best result)
1. Bi-Wire the connection
2. connect the tweeters to Speaker A and woofers to Speaker B (is this technically called Bi-Amping since it's using 2 separate power source unlike the first one? My yamaha allows both set of spk A and B to be used simultaneously)
3. Not to bi-wire/bi-amp at all

How does the loading change with bi-wiring? Thanks for your insight..appreciate it.

Old 08-30-00, 12:24 PM
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The Speaker "A" and "B" connections don't tap into seperate power amps, they are a convenience feature for connecting multiple speakers. To bi-amp you need two seperate power amps (best if they are identical).

To bi-wire, run two seperate lengths of speaker wire from the same tap on the amp; don't use both the speaker A and B connections.

Bi-wiring can provide a small improvement in sound, but YMMV.

If by loading, you mean impedance; bi-wiring will not effect the load that the amp see's (unless you use the speaker A/B method)

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There is a ton of debate about whether bi-wiring really does anything, so you can search through threads here, audioreview, and hometheaterforum to find more. Personally, I have a pair of Infinity Crescendo 3007 fronts hooked to a Marantz SR-7000 and I notice a fairly significant improvment when the speakers are bi-wired. I also had two roommates take the bi-wire (Pepsi) challenge and we all agreed that 2 sounded better than one. To each his own though!
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I have my NHT VT-2's bi-amped with a Sunfire Cinema Grand. This amp has outputs designed for bi-amping, one set for a warm (tube - current source) sound (the mids and tweeters, and one for solid state (bass - voltage sourrce).

I tried no bi-amping and then on just the current source and the just the voltage source; I like both the best.

Even though this is using the same power source, these outputs have different characteristics (plus this amp has enough power to share...)
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Option one: Bi wire has several gains to it, one being less heat in the wire itself. (longer cable life) It's worth looking into.

Option two: No benifit I can see to this.

Option three: No extra effort required. This can be nice too.

To bi amp you'll need seperate ch. amps (mono blocks) not of the A/B Recvr, varity.
This too, is worth looking into, as the amp has to deal with only a section of hrtz and thus it (aledgedly) does a "better" job.

Enjoy your hunt for info, jdb

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