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Stangman68 08-27-00 11:35 AM

In response to another topic, Jar Jar Fett stated that he recently purchased an S-video converter for his composite-only tv from Radio Shack for $20.00 and was very pleased with the results. Has anyone else tried one of these devices? Sounds almost too good to be true.....

AW 08-28-00 02:07 AM

In my opinion, the Radio Shack converter is fair to poor. It creates all types of NTSC artifact problems. If you do not care too much about the video quality of the component running through the converter or if you have a limited budget, it is ok. Otherwise, stay away. A MUCH better passive composite to S-video converter is the Tributaries C2S (but it is about $100. Monster/Entech has a similar product for about $100 also.

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