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GaryC 08-26-00 08:37 PM

Toshiba uses "ColorStream" and "ColorStream Pro" names on the component video used on various progressive-scan DVD players and HDTV ready TVs. Naturally the "pro" versions are the latest and most expensive.

Are ColorStream and CS Pro actual enhancements to the component video interface, or simply Toshiba marketing hype? They don't adequately explain the advantages on their web site.

Would a conventional progressive-scan DVD player with component video (e.g. Pioneer DV434) give the same picture quality as a Toshiba Colorstream DVD player when viewed on one of their HDTV sets? I recently bought a TW65X81 rear projection set.

I'd appreciate any comments...


djones6746 08-26-00 08:49 PM

I cannot see where there would be much difference!!! They are just using different terms in my eyes to describe the same outputs which are on other progressive scan players. Someone else may be able to give you some specific technical details!!! http://talk.dvdtalk.com/ubb/smile.gif

steve f 08-26-00 09:39 PM

The Colorstream connections are just regular component connections, you can use any DVD that has component outputs to connect to them.

The Pioneer 434 was recently reviewed at Etown www.etown.com and didn't get very high marks compared to the Toshiba progressive players, although they did note the picture it produced still looked better than a regular interlaced player.

I've got a Toshiba 56X81 with a Tosh 6200 player. It has a great looking picture. I had a Tosh 5109 prior to the 6200 and frankly can't tell much difference in the picture quality, the 5109 is a fine player.

I'd get a 5109 if I were you. They go for under $500 on the web. Buying a good progressive scan player is probably the most cost effective way to improve the picture quality on your TV, you won't regret buying one.

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