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Markja 08-25-00 12:21 PM

I was looking for a new HT System is it worth the $100 or $200 more to get a DTS system. How big a sound improvement is it?

TdHtXs 08-25-00 12:54 PM

I own a Sony (DE935) which is DD & DTS.

I only have the fronts (L, R, C) on now and haven't been able to tell the difference between DD / DTS. BUT, I think once my SPR DTS arrives and I check out the opening scene (the beach) I will hear the difference.
I've heard it's like night / day, and then I've heard there's no difference.

I'm getting my rear brackets today and should have the rears in by the end of this weekend.

What you should do is go to a Home audio shop. I'm sure they'll be glad to demonstrate the difference. As long as you act like a 'real' customer.

I went with the DTS, because for one, my brother worked at BB at the time..... and I just thought if I didn't get DTS, I'd regret it later.


Less than 5 bucks a disc, check out the list!

TdHtXs 08-25-00 12:58 PM


here's a thread that may help out. Do a search for "DD DTS" and you should have all the opinions you need. BUT, the only one that counts is yours. That is why I suggest you check it out yourself.


jpcamb 08-25-00 02:11 PM

I'm not sure what you mean by the 100-200 more you pay for DTS, many DTS recievers are in the $250 range and online prices can be even lower than that. You won't be unhappy with DTS as an option. The few titles with DTS I've watched have been very impressive and I'd reconmed you buy a receiver that has it.

ECydeDave 08-25-00 02:39 PM

I absolutely agree with one of the above posts: "the only opinion that matters is yours" (or something like that). I for one am a huge fan of DTS, but many others simply don't hear any difference. I think that prices on receivers that support DD and DTS aren't all that high and it is probably worth spending a LITTLE (not 100-200) more money to have both. Try also reading "professional" reviews of movies that compare the DD and DTS versions of the same film. Some to look for are SPR, Jaws, and the Haunting. If I hadn't already had DTS, the review for the Haunting DTS(eventhough the movie wasn't too good) would have excited me enough to go check it out. Definitely check out a demo somewhere and decide for yourself. But, if you find a DTS decoding receiver in the same price range with similar features than go for it!! Good luck!!

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