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Subwoofer smoking

Old 08-21-00, 10:43 PM
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I just received my Hsu reasearch vtf2 sw. hooked it up to my yamaha rxv995 as recommended. played a classical cd for 10 mins or so, and then suddenly white smoke began to come out from the rear vent! Quickly turned it off and pulled off the power supply. I didnt' max it up or do any foolish think like that so what could have caused that? later on i turned it on again and I think it is OK but am still curious anyway because im totally new at this. need your wise insights, really appreciate it. thanks.
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Old 08-21-00, 11:49 PM
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Generally, smoke coming from any type of audio equipment is something that warrants a trip to the service shop.
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Old 08-22-00, 12:47 AM
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Originally posted by Dominus:
Generally, smoke coming from any type of audio equipment is something that warrants a trip to the service shop.

Uh, yeah.

Man, I thought you were joking, at first! I thought "he can't be serious", but after I read the post, wow. Yeah, um, it's defective. If any electronic equipment smokes (unless it's a toy, or something else that is SUPPOSED to smoke), then there is something VERY wrong with it.

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Old 08-22-00, 02:28 AM
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Dang. this IS the worst nightmare. But the thing still works (even as I am typing this). It still shakes the room, still delivers the punch. I have emailed Hsu research and am waiting for their explanation/instruction. This thing is close to 50lbs and it's gonna be a big hassle to ship it back to Hsu Research. or maybe there's another solution that doesn't require me shipping the whole mass back to Hsu. Anyone with any idea what could have burnt inside? thanks.
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Old 08-22-00, 05:17 AM
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This is SERIOUS. That thing could start a fire, for God's sake.
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Old 08-22-00, 12:15 PM
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You really should wait to see what Hsu Research says before shipping it back. You probably would want to call them about this problem. It is not normal for any audio component to emit smoke.

From what you describe, it sounds like there was something on the amp's heatsink. When it got hot, it burned off whatever was on it.
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Old 08-22-00, 05:46 PM
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I am still using it the subwoofer now. No problem so far, except for that familiar hot smell of transformer/hot electric component still coming out from the subwoofer (if any of you work with electrical stuff a lot you'd know what I mean). I'm gonna call Hsu Research when I get off from work. Thanks for the advice guys, I truly appreciate it.

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Old 08-23-00, 12:04 AM
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I'm sure (or I hope) that they'll make it right. Aside from the fireworks display, how does it sound? That's going to be my x-mas gift for certain. Does it live up to it's praises?
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Old 08-24-00, 12:19 AM
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Haven't you ever heard? All electronics components run on smoke. Ya know, you let the smoke out, they don't work anymore. See the smoke coming out of electric power plants? That's extra smoke they couldn't fit into the wires.

BTW, my sub gets a little warm but it stays on 24/7. But no smoke leaks yet.

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OK lemme get this straight. Heat is generated the most when the subwoofer is under the biggest load which is the highest current, right? The transformer stays hecause its doing its job always, but other than that what could be causing a rise in temperature? I'm using this sub for another week or so. HSU research says the amplifier section could be removed quite safely so I don't have to ship the whole thing back to them (and risk damaging the driver with that huge magnets on it). So maybe I will do just that. Anyway what is the bsst way to test a subwoofer and what are the devices that I would need? thanks..
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Regardless of whether it starts working fine of not I would still ship the amp in for replacement. Heat kills electronics and if it did get hot enough to smoke it may have weakened numerous transistors and solder joints in the amp. Send it back, get a new one and live happily knowing it isn't going to die at any time Good Luck
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Hmm i think i'm gonna do exactly that. Any subwoofer isnt supposed to be smoking regardless of how hard it is working. Looks like a busy evening for me today. Anyway apart from the smokin incident it has been a very pleasant experience with the bass augmentation. This is the first time I owned a subwoofer, and aside from the bad experience of seeing your 500 bucks sw trying to self distruct itself, i must say my audio experience and opinion has somewhat improved significantly with the subwoofer.
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