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namlook 08-23-00 08:09 PM

Does anyone except me have this occurance? Please post if you do, or if you have seen or heard of it, so I know whether I am alone or not on this:

A problem I have when playing many (but not on all) DVD's is that when the background is very dark and something very bright like a flickering candle appears on the screen I see a light horizontal linear shadow all the way across the screen, the size of the bright image (whatever it may be). It doesn't really happen on a TV broadcast - only with DVD's, only on some DVDs, and some DVD's are worse than others as far as this shadowing is concerned. Some DVD's don't do this during the actual movie (only on the credits at the end), while some do it during the movie. And it's not all "bright image on dark background" images that do this, only certain ones on certain movies. Most all DVDs seem to do it during the credits if the text is bright on a dark background - (light horizontal shadows across the screen the size of the credit text.) The TV is a new 51" projection HDTV.

Anyone know what causes this? I don't think it's the TV because it seems to only occur when playing certain DVDs, and doesn't seem to occur on TV broadcasts (if it does on a TV Broadcast it's *much* less apparent).

Cound it be the Panasonic A120 DVD player? I am running a component connection directly to the TV. The same thing happens with an s-video connection. The TV brightness, contrast etc settings are ok because some DVD's looks absolutely fantastic while others have this shadowing problem at certain times.

Do I need to buy a higher quality DVD player to get rid of this or are these flaws on the DVDs or an inherent problem with projection TVs? Some of the DVD's are brand new titles. ie. Stigmata did this during scenes with flickering candles and other bright images and on the credits.

Finally I hooked two different DVD players (Panasonic A120 and Raite 715) to a 27" TV and I saw this same "shadowing" problem on the credits at the end of a movie but it's much less apparent, and less distracting on the 27" because the screen is so much smaller. Someone out there must have noticed this on their TV or is it just me?

Anyone know what's behind this? Is it the DVD's themselves, the player, the TV? Thanks for any help or insight.

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Halo9 08-24-00 01:11 AM

I get this with my 27" tube TV, but my lines are horizontal.

namlook 08-24-00 01:50 AM

I meant horizontal, not vertical. I only had about 3 hours sleep last night and it showed. http://talk.dvdtalk.com/ubb/smile.gif

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