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Cracker 08-21-00 04:53 PM

I am looking to buy some speakers for my home theather set up. My dilemma is this. I was looking at getting the JBL S310's ($399/pair) for my fronts. The online stores want about $70 to ship them becuase of the weight.
Are there any B & M stores you guys know of that will match or come close to matching internet prices? Im thinking...if they want the sale, that they would. I live in Southern California. Thanks! Any opinions are greatly appreciated.

stevevt 08-21-00 05:41 PM

Sears B&M will price match -- just bring them a printout of the page.

I don't know if they carry those speakers.


speedzon21 08-21-00 08:11 PM

Cracker -
I had this same dillema about a month ago and didn't know what to do. If those are the speakers you really want, I'd say you're not gonna do much better and no matter what speakrs you're gonna buy, if you buy 'em online, you're gonna pay for shipping. Of course, most places don't charge tax, so the difference isn't a HUGE deal. HOWEVER, I would recommend that you be patient. I was about the buy the JBL s312s (I still really like them), but I waited and I read reviews and I shopped (auidoreview marketplace, ebay, yahoo auction (really!), ubid, audiogon) and found much better speakers for less money. (and shipping was only $40 with insurance, which is good because UPS lost one!)

Good Luck!

Cracker 08-22-00 01:27 AM

what speakers did you buy and for how much???

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