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dvdcool 08-21-00 01:08 AM

Does anybody know where I can find some component Racks with glass doors for allong side my big screen tv (which means they need to be tall around 58'' tall)

thanks alot

jellis 08-21-00 03:02 AM

Here is the one I have - don't know if this will work for you or not.

Note: I have the exact one here, but there was the option to get (2) of the glass ones. I opted not to wait the additional 5 days and just get it the way it is pictured.

Picked it up at Circuit City on sale for $369.

edclem 08-21-00 01:47 PM

You can find them online at:
http://www.soundcity.com http://www.audioadvisor.com

Or in B&M's at:
Circuit City
Best Buy
the good guys

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audrey 08-21-00 09:06 PM

You didn't mention a price range, but www.audioadvisor.com sells a wide variety of racks: sanus, salamander, etc.

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