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progressive scan

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In other posts I have read about progressive scan dvd players. Can someone please tell me what the difference between that and a regular DVD player is???
I also have another question.....Is there a difference between Optical wires and RCA cables for sound? Do optical wires make the movie sound better, or is it just an option for digital decoders?
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Here is a good explanation of progressive scan DVD players from Jim Taylor's DVD FAQ -

He also has an excellent detailed description of the differences between progressive and interlaced video.

A progressive-scan DVD player converts the interlaced (480i) video from DVD into progressive (480p) format for connection to a progressive display (31.5 kHz or higher). Progressive players work with all standard DVD titles, but look best with film source. The result is a significant increase in perceivable vertical resolution, for a more detailed and film-like picture.

Toshiba developed the first progressive-scan player (SD5109, $800) in mid 1998, but didn't release it until fall of 1999 because of copy protection concerns. Panasonic also released a progressive-scan player (DVD-H1000, $3000) at about the same time. At the January 2000 CES show, most DVD player manufacturers talked about upcoming progressive players. It's also possible to buy an external line multiplier, such as the DVDO, to convert the output of a standard DVD player to progressive scanning. All DVD computers are progressive players, since the video is displayed on a progressive monitor, but quality varies a lot.

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There are LARGE differences between your ol' RCA Audio cables and Optical cables!!!

1) Optical cables give MUCH SUPERIOR sounds than the RCA Red/White cables
2) You have to have either optical or coaxial to listen to Dolby Digital/DTS
3) Optical cables are actually a bunch of optical fibres together to form a wire, where the digital 'light' is passed through and into a Optical input in your reciever
4) You cannot bend or kink Optical cables or else the light will not be able to pass through smoothly.

If you have the option, always use either the Toslink optical out, or the Coaxial output.

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quote:<HR>Originally posted by twr314:
Do optical wires make the movie sound better, or is it just an option for digital decoders? <HR>


Digital decoders use either an RCA cable, or
an optical cable to deliver an identical
digital signal.

An optical out can reduce a ground loop
hum, if one exists. Otherwise, there's
no sonic difference.


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