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Lucidity 07-10-00 06:59 AM

Well, my Panasonic A120-U after a lot of use has really gave up on me. It will only play single layered simple dvd's like terminator 1, amadeus, and side A of goodfellas.

Anyone have some info on laser alignment? I just want to make sure that when they give it back to me, I won't still have a non working DVD player.

Also, how long does it take, and how much should it cost? Where's the best place to do it? Any one know exactly what they are tweaking? How often do we have to do this? I never knew we had to do this, but after a few hundred movies, I can understand. I'd appreaciate any help.

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Lucidity 07-10-00 06:47 PM

Anyone have it done at Best Buy?

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bassethound 07-10-00 09:05 PM

it may not be an alignment problem but a laser "focusing" problem in which case they will probably need to replace the laser entirely. my pioneer had the problem of "focusing" on some dual layer disks and it required a complete replacement of the laser (luckily still under warranty). you may be better off buying a new player. but you can always get an estimate of repair costs.


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