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basara318 07-08-00 04:15 PM

i am trying to hook my dvd player to my receiver(a JVC 887vbk) i stick the RCA cables of the DVD to the DVD IN of the receiver and then run a video out cable from my receiver to the AV in of my TV, but for some odd reason no picture would show on my TV. i would notice there is a slight flicker on the screen when i plug the RCA into the receiver. but no pictures. anyone could help?

djones6746 07-08-00 04:50 PM

Your description either confused me or you are not hooking it up properly....is your television equipped with S-video? If so, I would run your S-video cable from your player to your TV. If you do not have S-video, then run a good video cable from your player to your video in on the television.
Second, are you using an outboard decoder or does your player or receiver possess a decoder? If no decoder at all, then run your audio cable from your player into the back of the receiver!!! For your DD sound if your system is capable of this, run your optical cable from your player into either your outboard decoder or receiver. If you run this into an outboard decoder then you will need to run separate audio cables from this decoder into the back of your receiver for your center, surround, right/left and subwoofer. I hope this helps...I really was unsure what you needed to know....I will keep checking this post for updated requests for info so let us know here and someone surely can help out!! http://talk.dvdtalk.com/ubb/smile.gif

Halo9 07-08-00 06:03 PM

My experience with my JVC 6000, signals from the composite video input terminal are output only through the composite video output terminals and the same with s-video with it's in/out. You can't mix and match.

Could that be it?

JM 07-08-00 06:07 PM

I am not familiar with that receiver or the particulars of your setup, but here are some thoughts. First, djones6746 is right about the audio portion of the setup so read his post. For video, depending on your components you can probably do what it sounds like you are trying to do. Are you hooking the video out of your DVD player to the video in of your receiver (yellow plug to yellow plug)--i.e. are you sure that "DVD IN" of your receiver is for video/audio (should be yellow, white, red, inputs)? I say this because digital coax also uses RCA connects. Is the video out from the receiver also RCA? Some receivers will not output the signals to the RCA inputs over an S-video output. Assuming you have hooked this up to the appropriate inputs, it could be as simple as you not having switched your receiver and/or your TV to the correct input selection i.e. Video 1, Video 2, etc.

Hope that helps.

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