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mbreed 06-13-00 05:37 PM

I'm curious as to which DVD player is the best buy in the price range of $200 - $250. Also, do you recommend buying a receiver if I plan to use my two JBL P.A. speakers? Thanks for your help!

MWR 06-13-00 05:48 PM

After reseraching many various players, I found that the Toshiba 2109 is a great player in that price range. I got one and love it! I think it retails for more than $250, but if you search you can get one in this price range. (I got one for just over $200)

Low RG 06-14-00 02:17 AM

The Sony 560D can be found on-line for $237. Just purchased one from www.beststopdigital.com for a friend of mine. Not a bad deal for a sweet player.

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Josh H 06-14-00 02:30 AM

Another vote for the toshiba sd-2109. I've had mine for a year and haven't had a single problem with it.

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InsaniT 06-14-00 02:45 AM

I say go for the Toshiba 2200 (new version of the 3109). It's only $249 with free shipping at buy.com.

It's a great player.

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RoboDad 06-14-00 07:39 AM

Another vote for the Sony 360/560. Get the 560 if you need a built-in Dolby Digital decoder, or get the 360 if you don't (they are identical players in every other respect).

I just got my 360 today at my local Best Buy (also for $237, but I didn't need to wait for it to be shipped), and I really like it. I had previously tried the Pioneer DV525, and the new Panasonic RV30, and found the neither of these players lived up to my expectations.


Topgun94 06-14-00 08:21 PM

Go with a Sony 360 or 560 depending on the price you can find. It has a much better picture than any other DVD player I have tried including Toshiba.

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broadwayblue 06-14-00 08:37 PM

If you burn audio cd's you will want to consider a Pioneer. I have the 525 and it plays everything. I think there's a newer model out now.

matchpenalty 06-14-00 11:13 PM

Like I also recommended to Robodad, GO SONY!! I love mine. The picture quality is terrific.

You can check Robodad's thread out for some discussion on what he wanted in a player too. Maybe robo can also comment on whether or not the Colubia House/Sony deal still is working..(could mean 2 dvds for $5 w/NO COMMITTMENT AND NO MAILINGS)

Low RG 06-15-00 04:53 AM

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by RoboDad:

I just got my 360 today at my local Best Buy (also for $237, but I didn't need to wait for it to be shipped
The Sony 360 can be found online for $203.

RoboDad 06-15-00 07:02 AM


The deal is still running. 2 DVDs for $4.95 S/H.

Low RG,

It is true that the 360 can be found online for less than I paid, but there is one thing an etailer can never do, that a B&M store can: namely walk into the store to return one model, and walk out with a different model the same day. For some purchases, I just prefer dealing face-to-face with the dealer, even if it costs a few dollars more (say, doesn't that sound like a great title for a western movie? http://talk.dvdtalk.com/ubb/smile.gif).


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matchpenalty 06-15-00 11:05 AM

thanks robo, some people balk occasionally because sony costs a bit more, but when you can get 70+ of dvds for 5 bucks, they should consider that too...In the end, those two dvds, can make the sony a flaming hot deal

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