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tavarua88 05-19-00 04:33 AM

ok I am going to move to a new place soon and need to get speaker stands. The problem is, I have cambridge soundworks speakers and their tiny as hell. I have no idea where I should place them or how high they should go along with my television (Sony Wega 27inch). Should I place the speakers right next to the tv or a little further away? placement of the sub? and where to position the rear speakers? Basically how can I set up the room idealy. I know I have to sound and test myself but how can I hold up those tiny cube speakers and move to my viewing area to determine the best sound? oh the speaker set I have is Cambridge Soundworks Ensemble IV. You can see other people have had problems with placement of these speakers here:


KungFuMidget 05-19-00 02:03 PM

A general rule of thumb for speaker height is that the tweeters should be placed at ear level. The front speakers should be the same distance apart as they are from you (i.e. they should make an equilateral triangle). If the room permits, the rear speakers should be placed behind you at a distance equal to the fronts (of course it is very hard to arrange a room this way). You can, however, place them a little closer and adjust the delay settings on the receiver (most home theatre recievers should have this feature). A quality sub can be placed anywhere in the room.

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