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Which AVR is better deal?

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Which AVR is better deal?

I have been looking for a new AVR. I can get the Denon 2809 for $800 or the Pioneer Elite VSX-01TXH for $600. I listened to both which were very similar. The Denon sounded like it may have had a bit more depth or richness but difficult to tell difference. The elite has a 2 yr warranty vs 1yr with Denon (not sure if this issue, would extended plan be needed?) Is pioneer indeed cutting back on their electronics? It seems like prices are dropping, and they are already dropping TVs all together. Would this be an issue in the future if I had trouble with the receiver? The Denon does have a nice feature to adjust for changes in sound such as loud commercials, etc. Not sure pioneer has this or that this would warrant $200 difference.

BTW I know I need new speakers, that is a future purchase. Rebuilding one part at a time. Any help choosing appreciated.
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Re: Which AVR is better deal?

A couple of things:

I was just in the market for an AVR and did some fairly critical in home testing. Two of the receivers I tested were the Denon 3808 and Pioneer Elite SC05.

The Denon had no problems with any of the material I threw at it and it was very easy to set up. It produces a full sound and very good front sound stage. But I felt that compared to the Pioneer it was like listening to a car audio system. The low frequency response seemed exaggerated to me and didn't seem to hit at the right moments. For instance - in Saving Private Ryan towards the end when German tanks are approaching the blown out village - before they are even on-screen there is an overly inordinate amount of bass information. When I listened to the same sequence on the Pioneer the bass was more subtle (more laid back) and then when one of the tank's stops to turn and revs up its engine ..is when the bass really snuck up on me. The way the LFE's are handled as well as the overall sound from the Pioneer seem more natural to me.

The other aspect that won me over to the side of Pioneer was the overall sound stage it creates. The sweet spot is a bit tight with my current speakers but the dispersion pattern is extremely wide - so much in fact that if I removed my surround speakers I'd feel as if I were still getting surround sound based solely on the front array. Some could say that is exaggerated and they may be right. No it's not going to effectively replicate a 5 or 7 channel surround sound environment as some companies that sell soundbars (or Bose) claim ..but my point is only that it is quite wide and my speakers get completely lost within the sound stage.

In any case, you have to go with what sounds the best to you. If anything, if you can, the best and only way to determine that is to bring all the receivers you're considering home and throw anything and everything between all of them.

For the record ..I'm a happy owner of a Pioneer Elite SC-05.

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Re: Which AVR is better deal?

I am a Denon owner (4308) and a Pioneer owner (VSX-72TXV). The Denon is far superior in so many ways and also allows you to update the firmware over the internet. The interface alone on the Denon is perfect compared to the Pioneer. Now I know the 4308 is or may be out of your price range so I would go with the 2809. You will not be disappointed.

You can pickup the 4308 for about $1500.00 here: http://www.dakmart.com/product_info....oducts_id=6517 that is a savings of about 1k.

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Re: Which AVR is better deal?

how do you upgrade firmware with the 2809? Could I upgrade the Pioneer in the future?
Does anyone have opinions about needing extended warranty on either of these AVRs? I would hate to spend this kind of money on a receiver and have quality issues or repairs.
How about the quality of the pioneer receiver, is there concern given Pioneer's recent changes and drop in prices?
Any other opinions about these two receivers?
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