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fuzzybryan 04-28-00 10:12 PM

hi, I am very new to DVD & Home Theater system. Do anyone have suggestion in some good and low price DVD player and Dolby Digital Home Theater system?
And also what kind of components are needed?
Thanks for any information!

hotister 04-29-00 07:24 AM

one word:
SONY STR-DB930 + Energy Take-5 speakers + Pioneer DV-525 = super student bargain

AW 04-29-00 01:20 PM

the least expensive alternative probably is the Toshiba 6109C DD Receiver/DVD combo (available currently at Mobshop). A similar unit is made by Go Video. You lose some flexibility going with a combination unit, but you save some money. You should be able to find a sub/sat speaker system in the $800 - $1,000 range for 5 mains, a center and a subwoofer (I have Energy Take 5's, which I highly recommend, but virtually every speaker company has similar systems now -- I also would look at systems by Boston, Definative Technology, KEF, etc.)

Schu 04-29-00 02:14 PM

The Toshiba SD-6109C is a solid, inexpensive option. The connectivity is limited compared to most HT theater receivers, but for many people it's enough for a TV and a VCR. I bought one from www.vanns.com to give to someone and have been very impressed with their service in the few times I've dealt with them. Right now they offer the 6109 for $400, shipping included, if MobShop makes you as nervous as it does me.

fuzzybryan 04-29-00 05:36 PM

Thanks you all! I just order the SD6109C for $282 in Mobshop, it takes 2 weeks for Mobshop to ship but I am in budget anyway.
Now it comes to speakers, I really can't afford $800-$1000 speaker as a poor student who enjoy moive(:], does anyone has suggestion for speakers set that under $500? Thanks alot and I really appreciate any help.

daledude 04-29-00 07:09 PM

Check out www.hifi.com for thier cambridge soundworks 308/408 speakers. I've never heard them, but based on their reviews from www.audioreview.com they seem to be pretty good speakers for the money.

mudkiller 04-30-00 10:11 AM

hmm.. i'm also a poor college student.. http://talk.dvdtalk.com/ubb/frown.gif i got the Toshiba SD6109C for around $300 from mobshop and the KLH HTA-9006 Home-Theater Speaker System for $200 from amazon. so, i got a whole 5.1 theater system for my 27" toshiba tv at about ~$500. it's not the best but i'm happy. http://talk.dvdtalk.com/ubb/smile.gif

AW 04-30-00 12:39 PM

I would try listening to the following:

Boston DT 6000 (MSRP $599)
KLH HTA809 ($249 at 800.com)
JBL SCS125 ($399 at J&R Music World)
Klipsch Quintet (not sure of the price)
AR HC1 (not sure of the price)

For speakers, it would make sense to buy from a reputable B&M store where you can spend some time listening to different systems.

KungFuMidget 05-01-00 01:29 PM

You can get a pair of Cerwin Vega's for under $400. They have a bad reputation for being very "bassy", but most people don't realize they're rated at 4 ohms (which means they need a pretty decent amplifier to push them properly). I used to have them hooked up to my roommate's Harmon Kardon, now they're being pushed by my NAD T760 and believe me they rock the house.

d-rell 05-02-00 01:08 AM

I absolutely love my Goky Melody Speaker Set

Got them with the sub for a little over $500. This may be a little out of your price range, but I recommend this set over the Energy Take 5, you get a much fuller sound. The only reason to get the take 5 over these is if you need the space, because these are nice big speakers! IMHO - Best speakeres for the money out there, sound awesome and I can't be more pleased with them http://talk.dvdtalk.com/ubb/biggrin.gif

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