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Taco 04-28-00 03:22 AM

I've heard this might be a good idea. How do you do it with two wires? I thought you need at least three strands to braid. Do you insert a third wire or non-conductor?

Also, when you do braid, how much footage do you lose in the process? I've got a 50-60 run and I would think there would be a noticeable length increase due to braiding.

Shazam 04-28-00 04:12 AM

You could always buy Kimber cable, which already comes braided. You know, for the life of me, I can't remember how it's braided.

Hmm, just went to their site, you might pick up some tips. http://www.kimber.com

Alan UK 04-28-00 09:46 AM

Surely you can only 'twist' two wires http://talk.dvdtalk.com/ubb/smile.gif

BeanDip 04-28-00 11:55 AM

Use the money that you would use to buy the extra wire and just get a larger guage wire.

Braiding would just make your run longer and give a higher percentage of signal loss.

Taco 04-28-00 05:04 PM

I'm already thinking of using 12 gauge stranded. The solid core, you could definitely twist, but the stranded stuff is pretty floppy. I don't think it would be easy to twist and keep twisted.

I heard it helps keep the signal clearer, plus I may have to run both cables for the rears side-by-side for about 30' due to the floor layout!

BeanDip 04-28-00 07:49 PM

Wire twisting is really only good for noise-cancellation in small gauge wire (like computer network wire 24 AWG. The twists have to be really tight for it to actually do anything.

With larger gauges you are just going to be wasting wire and adding to your run and expense.

12 gauge wire would be excellent to run to your rears over that distance, but I would not worry about twisting it because you would never be able to get a tight enough twist to make a difference. 12 AWG reduces signal loss anyways because of its size.

I have read of a few people who twist several 22 gauge wires for their speaker runs but with the wattage running through that the receiver puts out I would put a large gauge wire on it and not worry about it.

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