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milf 04-19-00 06:56 PM

Hi folks. I'm searching for a 32" TV for my bedroom, I've already got a bigger one in the living room. So far, I think I've arrived at the <a href="http://www.audioreview.com/reviews/TV/product_24396.shtml">Sony KV-32S42</a>. Can anyone else give any opinions on this model? It would be much appreciated. What I'm worried about is the fact that it doesn't utilize component inputs. My question is, is component better than s-video, and if so, is it a substantial enough difference to warrant purchasing a more expensive TV? I can't seem to find any Sony brand TVs below the WEGA spectrum that utilize component inputs. Thanks for any help.

shacke 04-27-00 06:37 PM

Up Up. I have the same question - is it worth it to pay the extra $100 for a TV with component video capability (assuming you are not a huge videophile) and the cost of the cables is a factor too. Can anyone help???

Raid 04-28-00 04:29 AM

no it is not worth the extra $'s for component inputs.

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