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kaijunexus 03-24-09 11:14 PM

Need help in choosing new HDTV
My old CRT has finally kicked the bucket, so I'm in the market for a shiny new HD TV.

I'm looking for a 26". It will be used for gaming (360) and dvds, as well as general TV watching. Also, I'll probably be sitting within 2 feet of the TV most of the time (my computer will be right next to it).

My budget is pretty much limited to about $500, but I'll be happy to pay less :) Of course, I'd prefer to have a good brand, so I'm not counting on saving much money there.

Please help me out, as I'm currently without any television until I buy a new one.

Mr. Salty 03-25-09 01:00 AM

Re: Need help in choosing new HDTV
Welcome to the forum! You'll get a better response if you e-mail a mod and ask for your question to be moved to the hardware area, here.

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