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superjock 04-20-00 08:29 AM

Does anyone here know where I can find one of these for sale on-line? I have only seen it for order on 2 websites, one-call and e-cost. They are both out of stock. Is there a chance they will get them in stock seeing as how the speaker in discontinued, or are they permanently out of stock. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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gtr986 04-20-00 07:35 PM

you might try http://www.crutchfield.com

i think circuit city carries them too, but i'm not sure if they sell it through their website.


superjock 04-20-00 10:58 PM

I checked Crutchfield d they sell it for $299. That seems like an awful lot since the selling price is $199 at e-cost. Do you think this is my last option to get this speaker or is there a eter one in the $200 range? I am already using Infinity Overture 1's ad QPS1's as surrounds. I would like something of quality to match up with these.

cyberelectronics 04-20-00 11:03 PM

Tell me about it. I have been waiting for weeks to get one off eBay but all people are selling the CC-1 and CC-2 and those suck.

Crutchfield is a very good store. Good thing is you can buy something and use it for 30 days and return with no questions asked. But the $299 is a terrible price. I am looking more at $150-180

Good luck

Wolfchild 04-21-00 02:22 AM

I was in the same situation a few weeks ago. I think Infinity really dumped a bunch of these into the market....they were plentiful and selling for a super bargain price everywhere, and when I went to get one the other week they seemed like they were all gone (well the cheap places were out of them anyway).

Anyway, I found one at a Circuit City...their display unit and they gave it to me for $249...I know not great but I needed one. They check other stores for you...the one I got was the last in this area and I had to drive 45 miles for it. Great speaker though, I'm really happy with it.

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