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superstringtheory 03-04-09 01:42 PM

Universal Remote MX-810
Anyone out there a current owner that has successfully programmed this model?

I am a new user and have been able to set up my tv, ps3, apple tv, multi region dvd, vhs, laser disc, (to turn on and off with it) but for some reason i cannot get it to accept the receiver which is a pioneer sc-05 as there are multiple choices for the sc-05 based on their pc software to upload. I have tried at least three from the drop down list all containing sc-05 and none of them will turn the receiver on and off :(

I really like the remote and want to keep it and figure it is something i need to do on my end of things. I cannot progress to inputting the macros if I cannot program the receiver from it however.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! thnx

Spiky 03-04-09 11:07 PM

Re: Universal Remote MX-810
Have you tried remotecentral.com? Although in the forum they tend to be less helpful to people doing their own work.

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