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dtf 04-06-00 03:40 PM

Ok, i thought i had it figured out but i am getting some conflicting information so maybe some of you can shed some light..

I have the following:
VCR with composite out
DVD with composite and S video out
Receiver with composite and S video
TV with Coax (lets just say i have a S video and composite tv since i plan on getting one RSN)

1) Should i connect video output of the VCR and DVD to the receiver first and then the receiver to the TV? Or should i connect the VCR and DVD straight to the TV?

2) If the answer is to connect the output of VCR and DVD to receiver first. Should i be able to use composite for the VCR to receiver, S video for DVD to receiver and composite to the TV? (i.e. can i mix the methods of input/output) or do they all have to be either Composite or S video and not a mixture?

I have more questions but i figured this was a beginning point. Thanks.

KungFuMidget 04-06-00 04:08 PM

That depends if the TV have two seperate inputs? By that I mean is there an input 1 that has S-video and composite and an input 2 that has only composite. If that's the case I would plug the DVDs S-video into input 1 and the VCRs composite into input 2. If it is only one input with both S-video and composite, you cannot plug both devices in.

As far as mixing and matching composite and S-video, the S-video should be the last connection. So if you connect the DVD to the receiver with S-video, you have to connect the recevier to the TV with S-video also. If you use composite from the receiver, you're not taking advantage of the S-video connection from the DVD.

dtf 04-06-00 06:16 PM

KungFuMidget, since i am planning to get a new TV, this is just speculation but ...

let say i have a TV that supports S video and composite, now would it be better for me to plug the DVD and VCR to the TV directly or to go through the receiver first?

KungFuMidget 04-07-00 10:31 AM

If you have the available inputs, I would just go directly to the TV. The receiver is only acting as an input selector for the TV (It's basically a feature designed for TV's that don't have enough available inputs just in case you wanted to plug in a VCR, DVD, video game, etc into one TV).

KungFuMidget 04-07-00 10:47 AM

Also, remember this...

The more times a signal gets split (or the more devices it has to pass through), the worse it gets. You lose no quality with a direct connection.

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