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To Wega or not?

Old 03-18-00, 12:13 AM
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I am in the market for a new TV (put the Sony 27" to rest). I have looked at many TV's at Wards, Circuit City and Best Buy, and I think I have narrowed it down to the Sony line, but I am not sure of which. I will be making the purchase at the end of April, so i am just trying to get some feedback to narrow down the choices.
Anyway, I am looking at either the Sony KV-35V68 (though the S66 would probably suit my needs fine - I always have a tendency to over buy my electronic components), but I have also seen the Sony Wega line of TV's on display and I must say that they look truly awesome.
So my questions are:
1. Should I hold out for the extra money (and some extra time) to pick up a Wega or should I just go with the standard line? 2. And if I Wega, which model would you recommend?
3. I would really like to stay under $1,700, but if the additional money would warrant it, I might consider it...so maybe comparing the low end Wega to the V68 - which one would you choose?
4. If I should go with the Wega, will it be good for all types of viewing (DVD, VCR, Digital Cable, Sports, etc.)
5. If I should go with the V68, should I save some money and pick up the S66 instead.
(Jeez, maybe this should be an entire Forum dedicated to this one topic huh?)...

Sorry so long winded, but I am not much of a home electronics person and would like all of the information that I can so i can make an informed decision.

Note: I have already checked out Audio Review and some love the Wega, others hate it - why can't it either be the best thing ever or just absolutely SUCK - just something more to confuse me I suppose...]. Also, I do not care about sound - I have my receiver for that. Oh, and it must have a 2 tuner PIP - I have never had a PIP, nor have I ever used it, I just think it would be cool to have. Weight is not really an issue - most things I have read have complained about the weight of Sony TV's - not an issue - just want a GOOD TV...

Thank you in advance for all of your help, you all have helped me make educated decisions on purchasing other home theater items and I am sure you will send me in the right direction on this one as well...


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wait 3 years for the hdtv's to come down in price just get a cheapie and make do than blow a sh*tload of money on the hdtv
Old 03-18-00, 09:29 AM
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$1700 may be enough to get you a 36" Wega XBR-250 with 2-tuner PIP.

There was a good discussion here: http://talk.dvdtalk.com/ubb/Forum2/HTML/004076.html

The new Wega TVs are coming out this summer or fall and prices may fall a bit more.
Old 03-21-00, 02:13 AM
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The xbr250's are all having the same problems (blue patch of light down along the right side of the screen, a sight similar to the problem that usually requires degaussing)--if you want the vertical compression capability though I would just wait till Sony fixes this little problem. An XBR is very superior usually.
Old 03-21-00, 04:41 AM
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I would wait for the 2000 XBRs as they come with an internal line doubler (DRC).

Check them out here: http://biz.yahoo.com/prnews/000301/nj_sony_fl_1.html

They come out this summer.
Old 03-26-00, 01:41 AM
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Thank you to everyone for your help, and yes, I think I will just wait until the next revision is released later this year - save the money and get the high end Wega with all of the HDTV compatible stuff...

Thank you again,
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If you could afford a few hundred more you would be far more pleased with the 40" HDTV from Toshiba etc..
Old 03-27-00, 02:36 AM
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Frank S,

My wife HATES projection TV's - even the HDTV's we have seen at Circuit City/Best Buy - she doesn't mind my buying electronic things, but she said that she wants to see the TV that I am going to purchase prior to purchasing...and since this is going to be the primary TV, I want her to be happy with the purchase as well so that I don't have to hear about it...
And yes, most of them look pretty decent, but she still can't get the fact that it is a projection TV out of her head...
Oh well, I appreciate the effort though...
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Something that I'm currently still in debate over is this same topic. I was ready to get a xbr250 until I went to GG and saw the Tosh TW40x81 and the Mitsu WT46805. After pacing the floor and looking back and forth at the different sets, I still don't have one.

A friend of mine had a serious grudge against RP's as well, but has since been convinced otherwise of the quality that can come out of a HDTV widescreen. Unfortunately once you start comparing the WEGA's to the HDTV's, you'll start seeing lines in the picture of the WEGA's

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