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jm2 03-18-00 08:34 PM

Didn't know if this should be posted in this section or not, but...

I just bought Saving Private Ryan, DTS. Today I watched it for the first time and noticed what I would call "smearing" of the colors in 2 scenes.

The first is after the Omaha beach scene, just before Tom Hanks gets the orders to, err, save Pvt. Ryan. The flames smear upwards, as if you were looking at them through tear-filled eyes.

The second occurs near the end where Opphem (?) orders the German troops to surrender. There the white smear across the picture.

Interestingly, the trailer on the DVD includes the Opphem scene too and the same smearing occurs there. The rest of the movie is fine visually.

I don't remember the movie from the theater, so I don't know if this was a intentional effect, but it doesn't look it.

Any ideas as to what could be causing this?


SS 03-18-00 11:28 PM

I'm not sure what you men by "smearing". SPR
does not have a very clear picture. It was
intentionally blurred much of the time for
effect. Tom Hanks seemed kind of in a fog
at times and maybe that was the effect
Spielberg wanted. I did not notice anything
wrong with the picture. It was also pretty
graphic and crisp details was not necessary.
as it was not meant to be a blood and guts movie.

tgewin 03-18-00 11:52 PM

Yep, that's intentional. I definitely remember it from the theater and the VHS version in those two scenes. I'm not certain that there aren't any other instances, but I think that is it.

John Sy 03-19-00 10:05 PM

It's part of the cinematography. And the "smearing" does occur on the DD version too.

mostman 03-20-00 11:14 PM

Yep, he did it on purpose. I read an interview somewhere where he said "why" he did it. Sorry, I forget now. Probably just one of those things where the director likes to do fruity stuff. Maybe we will find out when he does a commentary for the SE http://talk.dvdtalk.com/ubb/smile.gif

-Mike Ostman
My DVDS - Nope, I don't use dvdtracker.com!

idiotic 03-21-00 02:11 PM

There were some famous WWII pictures with that smearing in them, due to damage to the camera itself. That is where Spielberg got the idea.

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