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MWR 03-21-00 01:43 PM

I recently purchased a Toshiba 2109 player. I've only watched about 8 different movies on it so far. All seem fine except for Saving Private Ryan. In SPR, the picture appears very "jumpy." What I mean is it seems as if the video is skipping fractions of a second during faster moving scenes and the characters do not move smoothly. Is something set wrong on my player or my TV (a 27" panasonic connected with an s cable)?

foxdvd 03-21-00 01:50 PM

The movie is like this during action. Steven lowers and speeds up his frame rate to make the battles more real, and crazy. It is the way the movie was filmed.

MWR 03-21-00 02:00 PM

Thanks foxdvd. I just didn't remember it being this jumpy in the theater when I saw it. I guess it just seems to be more pronounced in my home theater.

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