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kstambaugh 03-15-00 08:00 AM

Sorry for this naive question - I am thinking about getting a satellite cause I am sick of my cable system. My house is entirely wired for cable now - will I need to do any re-wiring for the satellite or can it use the same cable to the satellite receivers?



SS 03-15-00 08:53 AM

Most cable systems in my area use RG59. The
satellite needs RG6. It is much heavier. Most
decent Shielded cable is ok. It is not very expensive. I use double shielded but they
have tri and quad shields at a premium price.
The length of the run, conditions, etc, should deterine what to use. Will it be outside and buried or running along power lines, etc.

lnichols 03-15-00 08:53 AM

You have to have RG-6 cable for the Satellite. If your house was wired with RG-6 then you can use this cable but you can not have any splitters between the dish and the receiver.

kstambaugh 03-15-00 09:03 AM

SS and Lnichols - thanks for the replies. It is older cabling I have, run outside.... Not buried. I guess I will need to have some re-wiring done. Oh well - not the end of the world....

thadius 03-15-00 12:12 PM


In my experience and use, I did not find the need for RG6. I have setup 3 different dish systems (two dishnetwork and one directv)in different houses. Two for my houses (moved) and one for a buddy.

In my first install I used supplied RG6 to main set and then older RG59 to the other recvr.

My second install used RG6 in from the dual LNB dish and then once inside split off to RG59.

Third install, all RG59.

Two be honest, I did not see any difference. So, before you go and by the extra cable and have all the fun of re-running cable, I would bring it in with the cable provided with the install kit (assuming you got one) and then connect to your inside cable to go to your recvr. With a dual system, do both like that. See if it looks good, if not, then go to all the extra hassle.

Just my .02 http://talk.dvdtalk.com/ubb/cool.gif



SS 03-15-00 08:14 PM

I don't complete disagree with Thadius but
DSS does require RG6 for a reason. They require a minimum signal strength and with
runs over 100ft, they want a signal amplifier.
this is to protect the equipment. I have 2 runs of well over 100 ft and do not use a
signal amplifier and have signal strength
a tmost times in excess of 90. In fact 1 run
is close to 200 ft. I have seen picture come
in just fine with strenght as low as 25. When
it storms even slightly it will not come in at all. The stronger the signal the stronger
the interferance will have to be to disrupt it. Digital signal does not get snowy, it stops completely when enough information is lost. I recommend atttaching the system with
the existing cable and check for signal strength. If adequate, try it and see how it goes. If the picture goes out every time it
rains, then change the cabling. It should have to storm hard for the pisture to stop.

thadius 03-16-00 08:48 AM


First let me state that I am in no way an electrical engineer, with that said:

This is all based on my installations and experience with dish use.

Signal strength that you get on the recvr test/setup screen is the signal from the sat in orbit to the dishes LNB(s). Adjusting the dishes direction (up/down, sideways) will increase or decrease this signal based on its position in respect to the satellite. If I set this up with a very short RG6 cable outside with a 9" tv to aid in the positioning and get, say 94% then connect up to RG59 at 110', I may get some loss. In my first installation this is what I did. It was 94% outside (short RG6) and then very close to that (+/- 1%) with 110'-125'. Crappy cable will cause more loss, even more if split multiple times.

I lost signal during one storm in the first full year I had it. I live in Northeast PA.

I am now again back on crappy cable due to the wife complaining about no locals, but with some recent changes, we may be able to get a major affiliate close enough for here to be happy. That's whats important, right?


SS 03-16-00 08:53 PM

Sorry to hear about that cable thing.Tough luck. My intention was not to criticize but
just add some insite. I wasn't advising to not use RG59 but to try it. Obviously if it
works, it should be ok. The DSS installers
in our area recommend replacing the cabling
every 2 years. I have over 6 on mie with no problems. Good luck with that cable thing.

kstambaugh 03-21-00 07:47 AM

Thanks everyone. They came and did the install yesterday. Dual LNB, 3 units, used existing cabling and the signal is mid to high 80s all around. What a difference between this and cable. Why did I wait?


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