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Beau Blaney 03-20-08 10:45 AM

Question on RP HDTV vs. LCD Projection HDTV?
Hello to all,

Maybe i am crazy but, for some reason my 5 yr old Panasonic RP HD set picture wise LOOKS better than my 3 yr old LCD proj. set does.

I have not had either set calibrated so thats not a factor.

Maybe my settings on the LCD are off.

What should some of the key settings be at?

Thanks to all who reply


Brian Shannon 03-20-08 11:02 AM

You don't say what brand lcd you have. Also what are the room conditions for lighting? What source material, dvd, cable, satellite, hd?

Jediturtle 03-20-08 11:54 AM

CRT will always look better than LCD if maintained properly. That's the big secret the manufacturers, salespeople, and fanboys do not want anyone to know. A properly set-up CRT will still blow away any of the new technologies. Their disadvantage is obviously the size and the fact that you have to keep them calibrated and converged.

Mr. Salty 03-20-08 04:54 PM

Originally Posted by Beau Blaney
I have not had either set calibrated so thats not a factor.

I would say the sets being uncalibrated very likely IS a factor.

Beau Blaney 03-20-08 05:40 PM

The sets are both Panasonic. I have a 47WX53, thats the RP HDTV.

The other set is a 52 inch Projection LCD Don't remember model #.

Yes it is when I am watching Direct tv Hd and Blu ray movies.

47 inch is upstairs living room. 52 inch is in basement less light.

The 52 inch is the 1 i am wondering about for the settings. The 360 looks great on that set, but the tv and blu ray movies don't quite look as good as i would like.

Maybe its just me or i am crazy, but they both have 2 different looks to them.

Thanks, Beau

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