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E Unit 03-18-08 12:55 AM

Harmon Kardon receiver/universal remote question
I was wondering if anyone had a Harmon Kardon receiver - mine's an AVR 525. My remote crapped out on me so I can no longer access the onscreen menu. Can anybody suggest a good universal remote that would allow me to access the onscreen menu again? I got a Sony universal but had no luck with that. I just don't want to resort to spending $100+ getting a Symphony just to get access again.


Brian Shannon 03-18-08 08:23 AM

Not sure if a universal remote would work without first being programmed.

Here is a replacement, but expensive


Perhaps try EBAY?

E Unit 03-18-08 11:54 AM

That may be my only choice at this point. Sad they're sellling it for that much since the HK site is selling it for $56.00 plus shipping. Thanks for your help though.

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