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erichbergen 03-05-08 09:48 PM

Help me compare two Samsung TVs LNT4069 and 4071
I'm trying to decide between two televisions:

Samsung 40" LCD LNT-4069
Samsung 40" LCD LNT-4071

I saw both of these in the store. They were both great, of course the 71 looked stunning. Plasma like. It had that glossy screen and the contrast was much better. But it also made the video actually look different. They were showing Blu Ray of Meet The Robinsons on both, and on the 71 it actually looked like it was a different video type. Like the frame rate was faster or something. I couldn't define it. Not sure if it was better either. Just different.

Anyone have any history with these? I love the fact that both have the 120 mhz, and I know I want that in my TV. The glossy screen may not work, cause my place does get a lot of light. So I may stick with the 4069.

Does anyone know anything about the 4065? Similar?


erichbergen 03-06-08 01:30 AM


Upon more research, it seems as though the 4069 also has the really glossy screen, which is not what I want. Anyone know if thats true? Does the 4065 have it?

Brian Shannon 03-06-08 08:46 AM


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