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shadowhawk2020 11-23-07 09:42 PM

Need help from someone with an A2 player.
It is a wierd question, but I need to check to see if the optical output is on or off when the dvd player is off...

My aunt bought an A2 for my Uncle, (I told her about the walmart sale) He will be thrilled with it! However, while he was out, I went over to see what type of conections I will need for his player. Sadly he has a reciever with a built in dvd player and only 1 optical input (already used by cable box). I have a manual switch however it would be better if he didn't get up. A friend of mine has a optical splitter, but it only works if when one of the componets are on the other is off. Some components keep the audio on going out even with it off.

All I need is someone to unplug the end of the optical cable at the receiver, if there is no light when it is off I am all good.

THanks in advance,

jonw9 11-23-07 09:50 PM

I thought I would try and help.

There is indeed "light" coming through the cable when my A3 is off.

shadowhawk2020 11-23-07 09:59 PM

That is bad news :( Hopefully the a2 is different... Thank You for the help.

jonw9 11-23-07 10:11 PM

Perhaps a cross post in the HD-Forum would get you a faster response, or maybe a mod move.

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