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Old 08-20-07, 05:50 PM   #1
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Ideas for new HT room set up?

Trying to set up a new HT and trying to get some input.
Here is the basic room set up.. pardon the shady drafting skills.
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i currently have a plasma TV hanging on the wall that has traffic walking by it. I would like to add a receiver, dvd player, tivo etc to the set up but wanted to actually move them to the other side of the room in order to not have a wide bulky stand sticking out as people walk around the TV wall. In order to do this i will need to run cables under the house so i would like to get is all figured out ahead of time.

Would it be a good idea to set up equipment like that or am i asking for trouble?
If i do set it up like that, the wiring between the TV on one end of the room and Amp on the other will need to be the following:
1. 1 HDMI cable from DVD player to TV (25ft)
2. digital out optical cable from TV to amp (in order to decode HD DD sound and basically to get surround sound for regular tv and DVD. (25ft)
3. additional component cable from Amp to TV in order to expand system later if needed.
4. I think that's all the wires i need.. help me out if i am wrong.

Another option would be to get a receiver that has min depth and put it under the TV. I do not want to put any furniture under the TV that has a depth over 15 inches including HT components. This is not a problem for the DVD player, but it is for the Receiver Amp. Anyone have any suggestions for Receivers that are under 15 deep remembering i will most likely need about 2 inches additional for wires in the back of the receiver.

any other ideas or am i missing anything?
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Old 08-20-07, 07:17 PM   #2
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I have a very similar setup to yours. If you have access under the room to pull cables, all you're talking about is running longer cables than you otherwise would.

Use your amp as your video central point (as it's intended) and then you should only need to run a single video signal cable from the amp to the TV, depending on what your amp's capabilities are. You can always add switches at the amp end to avoid running more cables from amp to TV.

In any event, once you run the cables, the work is done. So just figure out what devices you have, then buy the longer versions of the cables you're already using ( is a recommended site for that).
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Old 08-21-07, 01:13 AM   #3
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So do I. Love it.

What you need is a budget if you want real advice on components.
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