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ugabuga 05-03-07 08:44 AM

Need cable splitter recommendations
Hi everyone I just purchased a new LCD with qam functionality. I will unfortunately have to split the line since with one other set. Should i be looking at a splitter with a certain range? I have one here that goes 5 to 900mhz. Also, what about a amp that splits are they better?

Spiky 05-03-07 10:31 PM

An amp is probably not much better unless your signal is weak. In fact, they can harm the signal just as easily as helping. Assuming your QAM is coming from a cable company, if it is weak you should try to get them to amp it better out at the pole rather than trying to do so inside. (unless you have many TVs, but you only said 2)

5 to 900 should be enough for QAM or antenna signals, even HD signals, but if I was going to buy one I'd probably go for the 5-2000 model just for flexibility. Also, I find much better success with the higher quality models. Like $10 models instead of $2 at Monoprice or Parts Express, I don't mean jumping to an expensive Monster one. If you find the one you have is not giving a good picture, try upgrading a bit.

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