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jonw9 04-18-07 08:30 AM

Input Calibration Questions
This has been on my mind for a while, but since I have 2 (relatively) new displays in my house, I am wondering how I can calibrate ALL the inputs.

Both sets have separate settings for each input. I own DVE to calibrate.


HDMI1 - Oppo, used DVE to calibrate
HDMI2 - Dish Box, if my DVR arrives, I can record the HDnet screens to use
Comp1 - Xbox360, should I use DVE to calibrate this one? It would seem dark for games, or at least it was for my old CRT
ANT1 - I have no idea what to use on this. An average of the other settings?


COMP1 - DVD, can use DVE
COMP2 - Maybe a wii, but it may end up on the DLP, but with the same problems.
S-vid - TiVo, I don't know how to get the necessary calibration screens
OTA - see above

So as you can see, the only way I know how to "calibrate" is using DVE, and I have limited inputs to use this with. I would like the best method for doing the other inputs. Is it "what looks best to me", because I can't seem to get that right. It is more like blind adjusting. Is it "use the same for the calibrated inputs" bucause that isn't always correct.

I am thinking using a calibrated input as a baseline, and trying to tweak from there, but again, it is just random figiting.

thursdaynighter 04-18-07 11:16 AM

Wish I knew more about calibrating. I just got an upconverting DVD player and really want to get the most out of it (looks good now). I have DVE but I am color blind and that is hindering me. Ughh.

SoSpacey 04-18-07 01:48 PM

i always run a search over at avs on the tv model i am calibrating. if you go into the thread on that model, many people post their settings. i start there and tweak it based on what i like.

jonw9 04-18-07 03:24 PM

Yeah, I do that, but so much of it is YMMV. Some people have brightness all the way up, others at 0, etc.

I actually have a spreadsheet for the DLP of settings from there. I was hoping to find a way to do it myself.

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