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TheMovieman 03-17-07 03:17 PM

Go Video DVD Recorder - Trouble Playing Sony Discs
One of my DVD players, a Go Video DVD Recorder, has trouble playing Sony DVDs. Today I tried playing The Holiday but it wouldn't start, I've also had issues with other Sony movies like Casino Royale (which eventually started when I hit the meny button), The Grudge 2 and others that will not start right away (if at all). These discs will play fine on the other players, btw.

Has anyone encountered this problem and if so, how did you resolve it?

nateman 03-17-07 10:49 PM

sounds like a copy protection issue. there have been alot of complaints as of late about alot of sony titles not playing properly.
I havn't experienced any problems (could be the fact i own a sony HTS dvd player).
some studios are using new copy protection and some of the dvd players have trouble reading the disc.

TheMovieman 03-17-07 11:38 PM

Yeah, that's what I figured. I was thinking about getting a new DVD player pretty soon anyway, just will have to make sure there's a remote hack to make it region free... Thanks nateman.

Roadking 03-21-07 10:12 AM

Toshiba Tivo DVD player - Same problem
We just purchased The Holiday and Casino Royale, and experienced the exact same problem on our Toshiba TIVO SDH400 Series 2 with a built in DVD player. We have two of these units and both have the same issue.

After pressing the "Top Menu" remote button a few times, both began playing, and everything was fine after that initial long delay starting.

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