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BenBurnsed 03-09-07 08:12 AM

Mits. DLP 65831 vs. 65731....Advice?
I have purchased the Mitsubishi 65831 and not picked it up yet, but paid 2999.99 for it. This weekend at the Best Buy sale (12%) of I could pick up the 65731 for 1999.99, and I wanted to know from any one that has either of the televisions, if the 831 really is worth 1000.00 more than the 731 and if you own the 731 have you had any problems or are you happy with it. Also do you know of any reviews of the 65731. I read the review of the 65831 on CNET. Thanks for any help.

Patman 03-09-07 10:09 AM

You have to decide on whether if being able to adjust the tint/intensity separately, and better touted picture quality ("Deepfield imager", "Dark Detailer", and better screen), and some extra inputs and card reader are worth $1000 more.

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