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Should I wait for price drops on 720p Plasma sets?

Old 02-23-07, 12:35 PM
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Should I wait for price drops on 720p Plasma sets?

I think I've decided on the Panasonic TH-50PX600u (720p) for my next TV, but I have this nagging suspicion that there's another price dropping coming our way (probably in May or June) due to the release of the newer 1080p plasma models.

Currently, the lowest online price (including delivery) is around $2070.

The other 50" model with less features (TH-50PX60u) is now down to $1850 at Fry's this weekend, and usually the 600u model is $300-$500 more that the 60u model. So, I'm think I just wait and save a few more hundred dollars. So do I wait, or just go for it? I hated reading some of the testimonials of people who bought a HD set, only to have the price drop by $500-$700 within 2 weeks of purchase, but most online stores don't offer 30-day price protection like the local stores (Circuit City, Best Buy, etc).

Of course, I also fear that the 1080p sets come out with very competitive pricing at the start of summer, which would probably kick in some buyer's remorse at that time.
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Old 02-23-07, 01:16 PM
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IMHO, no.

Prices always drop and people get remorseful. What they fail to consider is what if you can't get one at the lower price, then they are out of stock and gone. Now you are staring at the new model that is priced higher. Do you wait for the price to drop on that one?

The best time to buy something is when you have the money!
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Old 02-23-07, 02:20 PM
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I think I'm on the start of the price drop wave, so that's why it does seem like a case of playing "price reduction chicken". The money isn't the problem, just the remorse. I could live with a 10% variance, but if I were to miss out on a 25% price reduction by not being patient enough, I'd be perturbed.
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Old 02-23-07, 02:49 PM
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The prices on those set, particularly the Panny started dropping around Thanksgiving. IMHO, you not going to see significant price drops any time soon. Sure they may continue to slowly come down in price, but as for a big drop in a short time, I don't think so.

Also, agree with Brian. In an effort to keeps prices up, companies will create excitement by coming out with new models, new features, new connections, new colors, etc. So by waiting you don't really gain anything.

Lastly, getting one of the 50" panny plasma for $1,800 or less with careful shopping is a great value. Good price, excellent set. Even if say the price came down another $200 or so bucks over the next six months, you will have enjoyed for six months!
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Old 02-23-07, 02:54 PM
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You can always be a Costco return abuser. Buy it at Costco now and if you find it cheaper later on, return it to Costco for a full refund.
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Old 02-23-07, 02:59 PM
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Why the 600U as opposed to the 60U?

I bought my 60U 2 months ago ($1799 shipped from Fry's). I originally thought I would get the 600U but the >$400 price difference was not worth the money for me to get PIP and a cable card option that I wont use.

I would buy it now. Panasonic stopped making these models and are only selling inventory now. Onecall had it for $1500 last week and sold out quick and are now not getting any back in.

Buy it now if you like it. Even after hearing about Onecall's price, I have ZERO regrets that I paid $300 more 2 months ago.
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Old 02-23-07, 05:25 PM
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The extras that I wanted with the 600u (I understand others don't necessarily want or need them):

1. P-i-P (I've come to use this feature quite a bit for my viewing of sports)
2. Can send 1080p signal into HDMI input (I realize it'd be scaled to its native 1366x768 resolution)
3. VGA input (I realize I would need to get something like Powerstrip for lternative resolution 1366x768 to get the most out of this input)
4. Cable Card (probably won't ever use it, so it's a push either way).
5. Better speakers (a push if I fire up the HT)

I look at this way: while I could order the 60U online, I'd probably buy it locally, and the lowest local price after shipping/tax factored in would be around $2000 (Frys has the 60U on sale for $1850, but final price would be $2k). So if I spend another $70, I get the 600U (with the extras), but would have to settle for getting it shipped from an online vendor. The 600U is only available locally at the Best Buy Magnolia stores for over $3000, which is why I would only order it online for that model. That's how I make sense of differences between the 60U and 600U and why it would be worthwhile to be to go for the 600U via online vendor.

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Old 02-24-07, 11:57 PM
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For those keeping score at home, it does appear that stores are advertising certain models as closeouts in their sales circular. Best Buy lists the Samsung Plasmas as closeouts now with a on sale price, and I think another store did the same with the Axx2000 series from Sony, so I suspect the stores will be clearing their inventory for the new models coming out in a few months...
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